Thursday, June 29, 2006

Overheard in bar review. Part Deux.

RE: Strict liability for wild animals:

Prof. Torts: "So, if some doofus sticks his hand in the tiger cage, and it gets just RIPPED RIGHT OFF, and he's brushing his teeth with his elbows for the rest of his life...."

RE: Risk of Loss:

Prof. Sales, in an example where a truck carrying cases of wine overturns and the Seller tries to replace the wine ordered with another type of wine: "So, imagine that Seller sends Buyer 100 cases of Port!"

Class: Collective gasp. OH THE HUMANITY! Swear to God, in Texas, nearly everyone in a room full of mostly 20-somethings would have looked at each other and shrugged, but here in the TVPNM, literally EVERYONE (except me...clueless as always) literally fell out of their chairs. People were exclaiming "Oh my GOD! Can you IMAGINE? Oh my GOD!" It was like he'd suggested they were going to replace the wine with bottles of pig blood. I totally understand the reason behind the gasping (in an intellectual sense), but it was just a moment that smacked of what I hated about law school - everyone read the "I Heart Wine" booklet, and because it told them to be horrified, they were. I'm not saying it's unlikely that EVERYONE in my lecture (roughly 200+ people) is enough of a wine affionado to get the joke/inference, but...well...I guess I find it difficult to believe that all these people were personally affronted enough to gasp in unison about his, but not about the example in Torts where the baby drowns in the inflatable pool and the innocent bystander stands and watches it because he has no duty to rescue.

I've got nothing else. Went to lunch with friends today and it was AWESOME. Our lecture ran overtime (5 hours, with only 3 FIVE MINUTE breaks), so we figured we deserved it. I am currently making SHITLOADS of CivPro flashcards, so basically I'm pretty much ready to shoot myself.

My neighbor had a long conversation with someone last night at 3am. It kind of sounded like one of those deals where someone is overseas and you talk to them over the internet, because he was kind of yelling - but seriously. This is the PacNW, we don't have A/C here so most everyone sleeps with windows open, and it's an apartment building so everyone is basically on everyone else's doorstep. He's gonna seriously regret it if he tries this shit again. I am in NO MOOD.
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