Monday, July 24, 2006

Winner of the Most Obvious Meaning of a Dream Award? ME!

Last night during the approximately three hours that I actually slept I had exactly one dream that I can remember. Why don't we all take a stab at interpreting it.

First, I was in a swamp taking some kind of tour. Then, as I was walking on all these dock things across the swamp, I looked down and realized that some of the "docks" were actually the backs of alligators. As soon as I realized this, they started coming alive, rolling and roaring and just generally trying to get me to fall into the water so they could eat me. So I would run and just when I would think I was safe, I would be either on or near another huge alligator.

Ad infinitum.

Hmmmm...maybe the alligators are my conflicted feelings about my father, and the fact that they're trying to eat me and I can't get away is my fear of starting my new job full-time? Oh...uh...wait. Maybe I'm a tiny bit anxious about something else. I'm off to more day of studying. I laid awake for two hours last night (well, early this morning) because it was too hot to sleep and I couldn't remember "judgment as a matter of law."

Also, and perhaps saddest of all, I wrote this entire post having to go back after every sentence and put two spaces because I've trained myself to only put one space after each sentence for my bar exam answers since it saves space out of my character count. See how this is ruining my life?
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