Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We've got a thing that's callllllllllled...Radar Love.

Only, maybe courthouse love.

I love reading the CL Missed Connections - I don't know why. No one is ever really looking for me (although someone was once looking for a friend of a friend, and when I sent it to her she was like "Oh my God, I remember that guy, he was SOOOOOO creepy" - see rest of this post), but for some reason I like them. I used to like them more until someone posted this big thing once about how now stalkers are using the Missed Connection forum to find the people they are stalking - they pretend they are looking for an old friend, and then one of the person's dumbass friends emails the stalker with all the info...and VOILA...instant stalker gratification. Is nothing sacred anymore?
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