Monday, July 03, 2006

Truer words were never spoken!

This article about the "Seattle Freeze" should be required reading for anyone considering moving here. I'm breaking the TVPNM cone of silence to put this article up because it is EXACTLY what my experience here has been like - EXACTLY! I sent it to Ex-Roomie and she read it, looked across the table at me, and went, "Oh my GOD! I totally thought I was the only one experiencing this - it's exactly true!"

I have lived in about 20 different states/countries and this is the loneliest I have ever been on a consistent basis, and definitely the longest it has ever taken me to make friends. All of my good friends except a couple are transplants like me.

We're sitting here excitedly chattering in the library about how validated we feel, and how we really were starting to think it was us and it's so nice to just know that it's EVERYONE who's not from here! The Seattle Freeze -it's The Suck!!
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