Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The games people play.

My fellow studiers and I have started a new game. We're calling it "A-Z things that could happen to me worse than studying for (or sometimes failing) the bar." Then you name things in alphabetical order than are worse than what you're doing right now that make you feel better.

A - Anthrax
B - Botulism
C - Cancer
D - Death
E - Embolism
F - Food Poisoning
G - Gangrene

The list goes on and on...it's literally infinite. It's a great game. I highly recommend. But, then again, I'm kinda drunk, so maybe you shouldn't trust me. I can tell you the Frye test for Expert Testimony though...yeah, we're the only state without Daubert. I can also recite an entire paragraph about personal jurisdiction as well as an entire paragraph about what makes an instrument negotiable. Take that.
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