Sunday, July 09, 2006

The dirty weed.

Tonight we went to a bar to study (a bar that is generally not crowded and allows lots of spreading out to do flashcards and drink beer) and there was a softball team there sitting outside that was, ahem, indulging in some outdoor smoking of products that did not seem to be of the "legal" variety. We were sitting near the door to the patio and it was like WAVES of pure, unadulterated weed, washing over us. None of us mentioned it until finally Ex-Roomie was like "Does anyone else smell that?" and we were all like "Oh my GOD!!!"

You gotta love the TVPNM where you can smoke the dope right out on the front patio of a bar that is (from my personal knowledge) frequented by cops. Anyway, in honor of the outdoor celebratory mood, we did CrimLaw/CrimPro flashcards. Yay!
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