Sunday, July 16, 2006

The ratio of people to cake is too big. TOO BIG!

Number of hours spent trying desperately to cram Commercial Paper and Secured Transactions into my head today? 12.

Number of ounces of Diet Coke (yeah, I mean ONLY today!)? 84

Number of times I checked my email? Infinity+1

Number of emails I actually got? 2

Number of times I spelled "County" C-U-N-T-Y in the essays I wrote today? At LEAST 10.

Number of times I got to say "And so, the sheep is collateral then?" today? 1

Number of golden retrievers who ran out in front of my car, causing me to stop, try to call the owners, and then let the dog sit in my car on my lap until finally the owner came down the street looking for the dog and then when I had to give it back I cried and cried? 1

Number of pounds of Mega M&M's I've consumer since Bar/Bri started? 3

Number of red Diet Coke bottle caps I've saved since Bar/Bri started with the intention of entering them into my online Diet Coke account for points towards free merchandise that I don't want and/or need? Probably close to a hundred.

Number of times I've cried since Bar/Bri started? 4

Number of flashcards I've made? Over 12 packages of 3x5 cards

Number of cupcakes eaten this weekend? 2

Number of miles walked this week for pseudo-exercise since I refuse to go to the gym when the weather is actually nice? 17

Number of pterodactyl's seen on late-night walks with friend? 0 (damnit)

Number of bar subjects mastered? 0

Number of bar subjects I think I can bullshit my way through? 4 or maybe 5 (out of 21)

Number of times I've considered just not going to the exam, sleeping through all three days, then telling everyone I took it and failed? Infinity+2

Number of times today I said "I have absolutely no freaking idea" when asked a question about any subject other than Family Law? Every. Single. Time.

OK. I'm done. Must go to sleep. Have to pick up ex-Roomie in the morning to get started early - 8am until ???pm. I can't f*cking wait until this crap is done. My brain doesn't even hurt anymore, it's just totally shut down. 18 substantive essays + 6 PR essays = THE DEVIL.
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