Sunday, July 02, 2006

I was hoping for some Chimay in my Chimay.

Ex-Roomie, her bf, and I decided to try a new bar last night that is across the street from the favorite Chimay-on-tap bar. The new bar ALSO has Chimay on tap (these must be the only two places in the city!), so of course that's what I ordered. Well, when it came, it looked and tasted a little funny. I knew it wasn't Chimay, and I thought it tasted vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place it. So, Ex-Roomie's bf tasted it and he goes "Oh my God, that's Mac & Jack!" M&J is our local fave microbrew - it's served in every bar and we always get it, so that's why I recognized it. At any rate, the waiter came back and we (tactfully) told him that the Chimay was actually NOT Chimay and suggested maybe the taps were crossed since they were right next to each other (we're not complaining, we're doing a public service). He went back, got a half glass of each and brought them over to the table and it was OBVIOUS just from looking which one was the Chimay - it just LOOKS smooth and sort of creamy - it has a really thick (in consistency) but thin-ish head. So, finally we determine that the bartender is getting married in like 3 days and is just tired and not paying attention. She was really nice and came over and apologized and left all the M&J's, which Ex-Roomie's bf drank happily.

Anyway, I only had two beers last night, but I was a boring rambler for some reason. Ex-Roomie and her bf deserve a medal for putting up with me, I was just all weird and taking a LONG and boring walk down my own memory lane, which of course no one is probably the least bit interested in. I'll pick up the next round in honor of them loosing an entire night of their lives to my inability to shut up.

Today...more flashcard goodness. How exciting.
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