Friday, July 21, 2006

Let's play a game.

True or false? I have had nearly an entire bottle of wine tonight?

Also, the same friend from last night, who is being so funny these days, tried to give the Ex-Roomie a hint about trespass to land (Ex-Roomie was searching for the word "invasion" and the other friend [who I'm not sure I am allowed to identify by name or initial] kept telling her "It's like aliens, think of aliens," which was totally not working). So, Ex-Roomie is going "What about aliens? I don't get it!" And I'm drinking wine and going "What is 'my ass is sore' for $200 Alex?"

Anyway. If you haven't talked probing, aliens, torts and wine in one night, you just haven't lived. I highly recommend. We have noticed some of our friends are starting to come unglued. The bar starts on Tuesday. I'm glad we're almost done. I'm physically and mentally exhausted, I don't feel healthy because I've gained weight and feel disgusting, and I just want my life back. I never thought I'd look so forward to going back to work.

I have started thinking lately alot abou the military and my experience in it. I might try to write more later, but think about this fellow bar takers. Officer Training School is much like preparing for the bar exam in that it is physically and mentally taxing (and costs a lot of money - probably $1500 for uniforms alone). Now, think about doing bar review with 12 people you've never met, and you all have to live together and you can't go anywhere unless you can all agree on where to go and go there together, and you can't leave your rooms until you all synchronize your appearance (sweats and t-shirt? shorts and sweatshirt?), and you will definitely be stopped no matter where you're going and harassed which will inevitably eat up at least an hour, thereby making you late (and probably in the wrong uniform) for everything else. Believe me, it's so much worse. This is why it's my theory that I'm not as crazy as some other people - at least no one is forcing me to standardize my appearance, have room inspections, march perfectly for two hours to get my lunch, or do remedial physical conditioning, or ask for "permission to pass" everyone I see in the hall so it takes three hours to go to the bathroom.

See, it could be worse.
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