Thursday, September 08, 2005

Why do I want to work here? Uh.....

I have spent, literally, HOURS working on my statement for a certain Honors Program application that is due next week which contains the following question: Why Do You Want To Work For This Place? (We won't even go into the last question which is "What's the one thing you want the reviewer of this application to know about you?" I HATE HATE HATE that question!)

I mean, I don't know if I have writer's block or what the hell my problem is, but I will write two paragraphs and then erase, two more, erase, two more, infinitum.

Should I say it's the challenging nature of the work?

The wonderful opportunities for mentoring?

The ability to combine my past career experience and my legal education and start a new career that is perfectly suited for me?

The fact that, well, I just like it there????


I swear, I keep waiting for my fairy godmother to come down from on high and scream at me "E. SPATULA -- USE YOUR WORDS!"

Why can't I do this? It's due in 7 days!!!!!!!!! Oh my GOD, panic!

In other news, I am learning to crochet these cool squares to put together to make an afghan...I finally made one last night that actually turned out square -- pictures to follow at some point. In the meantime, I have still about 20 cover letters to write, applications to mail/email/fax off, and this one application to finish -- the most important one -- the one I REAAAAALLLLY want. I'm getting a massage today, maybe it will align my chakras or something.
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