Sunday, September 25, 2005

Punch-bug yellow motherf*cker!!!!*

I went to Oktoberfest TVPNM style last night. The thing about the TVPNM is that, at any given gathering, there will be either (a) hippies playing hackeysack and fretting about whether their beer cups are recyclable and trying to figure out a way to reuse the fry oil to power their scooter, and/or (b) yuppies talking about how much they love wine and talking incessantly on ridiculously small cell phones to their au pairs ("Did Dakota and Blake get their soy milk decaf lattes before they went to bed?"). We paid $20 to get in, they gave us a TINY tasting glass (4 oz) and five tokens to turn in for tastes of the different featured beers. I will say there was a pretty freaking awesome selection of beers to choose from...but...the Pilsner Urquell ran out after we waited in line for a half hour, the food was VERY expensive (I paid $20 to get in, I do NOT want to pay $7 for a polish sausage people!), and the people were, needless to say, annoying as hell. The wine-tasting yuppies seemed to have stayed home, but the hackeysack bouncing, overgrown goatee sporting, dirty dreadlocked hippies were out in full force. As were the frat boys. YAY! There were a couple of times I actually thought I had blacked out and woken up in an Abercrombie and Fitch store.

Anyway, we hightailed it out of there after we sucked down our five tokens worth of beer and went to a bar that my friend and I had been to last year and hadn't been back to since. I have to say, I bitched a little bit at first because it's a tiny pub and I thought there wouldn't be any boys there (I was playing third wheel to my friend and her boyfriend). However, we did run into one guy who was pretty cute, plus the place had awesome beer (HELLO Chimay and Aventinus and Delirium Tremens!), so it turned out alright.

It has been a bit of a rough morning, but I think I'm going to live.

I am SO NOT READY for school to start tomorrow. I know that most of you who are in school already started like a month ago, but for me it's tomorrow and I'm not excited. I am super-duper excited about starting work tomorrow though, so I guess that's what matters. I'm rambling now...and not even in person, on a stupid blog. I think that means it's time for my mid-afternoon nap. School and work tomorrow. Geez.

*Screamed by my friend's boyfriend in the car on the way to Oktoberfest right before he punched her in the arm. SO FUNNY.
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