Thursday, September 01, 2005


Oh my GODDDDD...all I have done for DAYS is eat! I feel so disgusting!

I never thought I would say this, but I can't wait to get home and back to getting regular exercise. I really felt like this summer I started to feel SO much better, physically and mentally, and after a week of sitting around doing nothing but eating I just feel gross. YUCK!

I'm getting excited to see my mom and dad and Molly the Satanic Dog...I wish so much they lived closer to a real city so that there would at least be the possibility of a job there after graduation -- but, alas, no. On the other hand, everywhere I'm applying for is far away, so I guess I haven't been looking too much in their area -- maybe I just need to try harder.

Are you guys still reading?

I wonder if my semi-erratic posting of late has driven away the regulars?

The people that I associate with being the original readers of this blog I don't think read it anymore. There are, of course, new readers, and some of the old readers are still around, but it's interesting that I don't feel like I know who I'm writing for anymore. I used to know everyone and talk to them all on email and even some by phone, but now it seems like they aren't really around and it's sort of discouraging. Am I boring? Am I not doing my blogging job? I think it's obvious that I've been traveling and living out of suitcases and just feeling very frazzled and stressed out and harried lately, and it affects my level of concentration as far as writing and posting stuff, but I hope some or all of you are still out there. I promise it will get better! And soon! I miss writing about my life and I miss sitting down and making time to post, I just haven't been up to it lately with all the stuff going on.

Anyway, hang in there readers who are left, I promise that the content around here will be up to it's usual marginally better than rock-bottom quality soon!
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