Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ways to feel better.

Go to drug store and buy ridiculous and totally unnecessary beauty products.

Go to grocery store and buy frozen lasagna, ice cream, and a magazine full of celebrity gossip. And beer. Duh.

Go running (so as not to feel guilty...see food choices above).

Email all friends and tell them about how many assholes had to be dealt with today and soak up TONS of sympathy, including an invitation to Oktoberfest (the local version...uh...duh again) this weekend.

Make plans for Happy Hour tomorrow with good friends for girl talk and crotch-watching. Yum.

Work on afghan...the Gods of crochet must be satisfied. Or else.

Check email compulsively in case anyone else wrote happy notes of encouragement. Every time one comes in give self virtual pat on back for being so popular and awesome. Good job girl!

Settle onto couch (not in a Nip/Tuck way -- if you didn't see it last night that makes no sense and I apologize) for a night of TV. Mmmmmmmm...cable.

More beer.
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