Sunday, September 18, 2005

Shoulda, coulda, woulda

It occurs to me now, after two hours of TV time, that I should have live-blogged both the Emmys and all the absolutely ri-effing-diculous comments from the E! Entertainment TV hosts.

Star Jones - Totally irritating in every possible way. I don't get -- why do people let her host shows? She's so self-serving and over-familiar with everyone. It's kind of icky.

Julia Depandi - Hates Kathi Griffin and wants to punch her in the face. Poor Julia, she is just so horrified by everything Kathi says that she can barely control herself. I recognize the look because sometimes that's the way my friends look at me when I've been drinking and I start to really embrace my true colors.

Kathi Griffin - Sometimes funny, sometimes not. I liked it when she said Halle Berry was fat and made Julia really angry. Also, when Julia said she had a crush on Jeremy Piven (me too!!), Kathy said first "He hits on everyone so you could totally get him" and then "If you want to date Piven you have to hang out at the strip club night after night after have to want to be part of a six-some." I also like that she said her greatest wish is for one of the beautiful starlets to fall flat on thier face. She elaborated with "And I don't mean just 'trip', I want someone to break a nose!" Hi-larious.

Carson Cresswell - Needs to stay on Queer Eye where he belongs. No one is listening to him anyway, and I just don't trust a gay man with such a bad haircut.

Next year I'm going to remember to do this because these people are insane. Not as insane as William Shatner, but close.
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