Sunday, September 18, 2005

There will be beer! And singing! singing!

Is it bad that I had SIX vodka sours AND a martini tonight and I am the most sober I've been in three days? It seems weird, but I do love the vodka...I can already tell I'm not going to be hungover today. That's good stuff.

I'm going to try to remember all the funny stuff I saw tonight so I can blog about it later -- one of the best parts of the evening was a bunch of drunken young men (and not hot ones) hitting on women and then handing out business cards that said "You've been picked up by a member of the Canadian Navy." My response? "Uh, Canada has a Navy?"

Anyway, it was a local Irish bar where we had girls night out tonight and the clientele was pretty unique and diverse, to say the least. More on that later. It's 2:20 am -- time for me to get my much needed beauty sleep.


From a guy who asked me to dance.

"I saw you sitting there and thought I'd ask you to dance. You looked like the angriest girl in the bar. You just look...well...mean! I thought if I asked you to dance you'd be less angry!"

So romantic. I always feel a lot less angry when I just gave up ten minutes of my life to dance with a guy who is either (a) having a lot of pity for me, or (b) scared of my anger issues.
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