Thursday, September 01, 2005

I heart aspartame.

I have been trying all morning to upload a picture of all the Diet Coke shit I bought at the World of Coca-Cola store last night, but I think dial-up is foiling my efforts. Damn you AOL! I will keep trying!

I got new Diet Coke socks because my old ones were totally falling apart, a light up Diet Coke pen, a GIGANTIC Diet Coke insulated cup/mug/thingie, and a Diet Coke magnet. This buying streak PALES in comparison to all the crap I bought at Margaritaville. I'm on a bit of a binge I'm afraid.

I also bought a REALLY cute dress for my friend's wedding on Sunday, and I think that I'll be able to wear it to work as well since it's kind of low-cut but in a way that can be disguised for work purposes (or not depending on how hot the boys there turn out to be). I'm excited because M. helped me pick it out and so I know she wouldn't lie and tell me it looks good if it sucks.

Anyway, hopefully a pic of the Diet Coke stuff will be forthcoming, we'll see if AOL wants to cooperate later. I have LOTS of stuff to talk about that I've been thinking about, but every time I write anything good (or put any effort whatsoever into a post), I get disconnected and lose all my work, so I think I'll wait. I'm kind of getting excited about school starting though, mostly because I'm so into my job and can't wait to go back to work.

I'll post at least once more before I leave Las Vegas.
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