Sunday, September 11, 2005

I can't believe it's already over!

I have been here a week (tomorrow). That means that tomorrow morning I have to get up early and my mom will drive me to the Amtrak station (about 2.5 hours away) and I will head back to the TVPNM. Man! How could it have gone by so fast!!??

I am over 1/2 done with my very first crocheted afghan. When I get home I'll take some pics and post them. My parents just got a new digital camera and it's too fancy for me to work -- my poor little pea sized brain can't handle this newfangled technology and whatnot.

Today I took a 3 mile hike through the mountains with my dad and Molly the Satanic Dog and now I am patiently awaiting the printer which is diligently producing multiple copies of my resume, writing sample and all the cover letters I've managed to get done (not nearly as many as I wanted to!). When I get back to the TVPNM I will take care of copying my "unofficial" transcript and grading policy (damn you people that ask for that -- without it my grades are WAY more impressive!). The stuff I didn't get to this week is mostly all the applications that were complicated in any way or asked me to do anything besides just write a cover soon as the instructions went past two steps I went ahead and moved onto the next thing. I need to be home to do complicated stuff -- trying to do it here is ridiculous. My mom comes in every five minutes to bring me cookies, the dog keeps dropping her slobbery Carl the Caveman toy on my lap, and my dad is always hounding to me to go for a bike ride/walk/hike/etc. For a small family, there's just peace! Of course, that's what I love about them.

Anyway, I asked Comcast to come hook up my cable modem on Thursday morning, but they haven't confirmed yet, so I'm not sure how that will work out. I will probably have some internet at the school on Wednesday while I'm down there for interviews, so I'll try to update on how they go. The two on Wednesday are both going to be interesting, but the first one is the one I would REALLY REALLY love to get. Of course, it's also the one I have almost no chance of getting -- but I'm going to try to impress them nonetheless. Wish me luck!
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