Friday, September 30, 2005

Talk Amongst Yourselves

I need a new computer. My current laptop is an HP that I bought SEVERAL years ago and it is falling apart. It's slow, the keyboard letters are practically all rubbed off, the space bar is broken, the fan is L O U D, the battery is dead so I have to keep it plugged in all the time, and it randomly turns off for no apparent reason, plus I have to have a wireless card sticking out the side. I could probably send it to HP and have more memory put in and get everything fixed, but I think for my convenience and the time it would take to do that, it's probably easier to start shopping for something new.

So, who has suggestions? It needs to be fairly cheap, especially since I will probably get a new one in a couple years after I have a real job. I don't particularly care about gaming or editing music or photos or making movies or anything like that, but I do store a lot of music on it. Mostly I need something for word processing and the internet(s). And I don't want an Apple (sorry AI).

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