Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh GOD, that's a good one! *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

So, and this is the first funny thing, I am the HEAD Peer Mentor for my little group of 1L underlings. BWAHAHAHAHA. I have minions! Well, not really, but it's still kinda funny that anyone would let me be in charge of something like this.

What else is funny? Well, all the mentors only just met today and already some are bitching about the other mentors and how they talk too much about themselves (true) or aren't organized enough (I think this one might have been directed at me). Leave it to a bunch of law students to start bitching on the very first day and, instead of speaking with each other and coming to a solution, going straight to the top and complaining to the poor 2L in charge of the whole program. I swear, this whole mentoring thing is going to be stressful. The whole reason I sign up for it every year is that I feel like I have a valuable viewpoint about law school -- it's OK to stay who you are and to not let everyone force you into a mold of the prototypical attorney...it's OK not be crazy and stressed out ALL the time!

Anyway, we have to meet again tomorrow and who the hell knows that will happen. I just hope that everyone can relax and try not to stress everyone out right from the get-go.

The second funny thing is that, when we asked the 1L's to tell an interesting thing about themselves, one of them said he came to law school to 'become a more interesting person." I swear, I didn't mean to laugh and say "Oh my GOD, that's so WEIRD!" in front of everyone. They all had a good laugh though and I think the guy who said it took it in the spirit with which it was intended - good fun. I'm pretty much the worst peer mentor ever.
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