Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Cover Letter goes on and on and on...

Well, I did finish FOUR cover letters today...rather a miracle when you consider what a huge slacker I am. I also finished part one of the dreaded Honors Program two question sucker punch. I totally put together a satisfactory answer for "Why Do You Want To Work Here?" that doesn't include "hot guys in suits" or "it's in D.C. and there's a lot more hot guys in suits there than where I come from." TRIUMPH! Question two, "What's The One Thing You Want The Reviewer To Know About You?" is going a little bit slower. I mean, I am an awesome cook, I know the words to every Jimmy Buffett song ever written and can recall them even while drunk off my ass, I am currently about 1/4 of the way through crocheting my first afghan, and, let's face it, I have GREAT taste in beer. What's not to love??? Oh yeah, also, I would do ANYTHING to get this job...and I do mean ANYTHING. Read into that whatever you would like.

Aside from working on applications (hurry up and give me a job someone, I HATE doing these things!), I dyed my hair (OUT DAMN GRAY!), and am going to the video store soon with Mama Spatula to fetch "Sahara" so that she can moon over Matthew McConaghey (sp?)...her, NOT ME! I don't do stuff like that. Seriously.

Also, got a phone call randomly from an old flame...isn't that weird? Once we confirmed we were both doing good there was a moment of awkward silence and then a promise to "talk again soon" which will probably be in six months. Very strange.

Advantage Rent-A-Car also called me last night, supposedly the manager of the store I was given the shaft at. I don't think they are going to handle this the way I want them to, which should be no surprise at this point. The guy goes "Well, we did offer you a full-size Dodge Caravan, so it's not like we didn't offer you a car!" And I go "Well, Mike, here's the thing. First you offered me a 15-passenger van for over an hour, and then, after I stood there for an hour and a half, was treated like crap by your counter person, and was IN TEARS...and, oh yeah, after the counter lady saw me call Amtrak and make reservations, she offered me a full-size Caravan. So, you're right, I was offered a Caravan. A Caravan that I would have to pay full price for, put gas in, and drive through the MOUNTAINS in. So, no...that was not an acceptable solution to my problem. Mike."

He said he had to "investigat the issue further" and that he'd call me back on Monday. We'll see, but I think I'm gonna get no joy from Advantage Rent-A-Car. Those assholes.
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