Sunday, July 31, 2005

Weekend Update

I went and saw "Must Love Dogs" yesterday. Cute. Sorta. I don't think Diane Lane and John Cusack have any real chemistry, although I have just as huge of a crush on him as ever and so I'm glad it didn't look like my boyfriend was enjoying kissing her just because she's beautiful and gorgeous, I want his undivided loyalty and attention. Don't get me wrong, he's no James Spader, but he's still REALLY REALLY cute. Diane Lane was good, as always, she's quite adept at playing a slightly eccentric, wounded-by-love character who eventually meets Mr. fact...didn't she just do exactly that in "Under the Tuscan Sun"? Why yes, yes she did. Then there's this whole other side story about her widowed father who is using the internet to find dates and always has like three different women on each date. Who the hell would go on a date with two other women present in order to try to "win" a 71 year old man? Who the hell would go on a date with three other women present at all?? Huh? Anyway, if I had to make a recommendation, I would give it a "Wait For The Video."

Last night I went to a beer tasting. It's a GREAT idea and someday I might actually attempt to do it. Everyone brings a six-pack of beer. Two are set aside for the "tasting" and four go into the "feel free to drink" cooler. After everyone has sat around drinking and eating snacks for awhile, the tasting beers are put into paper bags and numbered and two tasting stations are set up with little cups and whatnot. Everyone is given a score card with a 10-point scale, ours went from "vile" to "stupendous" or something like that. Then you walk around, try to taste and rate all the beers, and give the score card back to the host. The host added up the scores, and the people who brought the best beer and the worst beer won a prize. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool idea, and one day I'm going to steal it!

I'm off to another movie today, then *maybe* touching up my haircolor (damn you gray hair!), then working on Part Eight. I promise.

PS: I also bought THE CUTEST CAPRIS EVER at Ann Taylor loft yesterday. Yay for losing weight and being able to shop at cute stores!
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