Tuesday, July 26, 2005

One more and then I'll shut up, I promise

What is up with the fact that only 27 employers are interviewing 3L's for OCI, and probably close to 20 of them are IP/Tech firms that most of the school probably can't qualify for anyway?

How come the only Attorney General's Office (besides the one for our state which I am unable to apply to because Career Services blows) even on our list of "accepting resumes" is freaking Ohio? Not one of the many states actually TOUCHING our state, none of which have a first-tier law school of their own...Ohio. In Columbus, Ohio. A place I've been to because Ex#2 was from there, but I don't think I could live there because they seem a little high strung about this "Buckeyes" thing. Where are the states WEST of the Rockies?? I personally love Colorado, if anyone has an "in" at the Colorado Attorney General's Office, drop me a line.

Why are we forced to submit our references separately for some employers but not others, forcing me to have a Resume with Everything, a Resume Light, and a Separate Platter 'O' References on the side?

I really don't get OCI at all. I especially don't get how a first-tier school, one that reminds of us of that status 800 times a week, can have a measely 27 employers coming to interview. I know we're a bit out of the way...but...not even the local prosecutor's offices? The only prosecutor coming to interview is from a far Southwestern state. People in the TVPNM don't want to move to Columbus, Ohio or the deep Southwest...they want to stay in the TVPNM, soaking up rain and lattes and feeling smug and superior and artsy and fit, riding their bikes to work and watching foreign films. They would die in Columbus. They would melt in the Southwest. It's true. I know about these things.

Anyway, I guess I'm done ranting about OCI now since I've submitted all I can/will submit. It's clear that I'm going to have to get out and pound the pavement, resumes in hand, more than your average bear. Sigh.
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