Sunday, July 03, 2005

How many flashlights do you HAVE?

The weekend is moving along spledidly. And by "splendidly" I mean "there has been drinking and also, a lot of drinking."

I would like to apologize to any bloggers who may or may not have gotten screaming phone calls from us last night (Uh, looking at you Soup, and uh, especially you Scott -- I didn't know about that one until this morning).

*this blog has been censored pending permission of a person to write things about them*

Basically we're spending today trying to somehow magically remove the alcohol from our systems, so we went and saw War of the Worlds and I think we might finally be able to go eat soon...gah, the hangover...icky!

Oh yeah, we went and saw the Orioles play yesterday in Camden Yards, it was fun...we had the most awesome hot dogs ever, and
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