Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Spies ©

As usual, I forgot to mention: Friday Spies © -- Brought to you on a weekly basis by the boys of BTQ.

1. Is Tom Cruise correct that we're not alone in the universe?

I have no idea. Tom Cruise is totally off his rocker these days and frankly I'm a little freaked out by his general strangeness lately. That won't stop me from seeing War of the Worlds this weekend though.

2. What is a fashion trend that you would like to see go away, and what is a fashion you would like to see come back in style?

I would really like to see the lowrise jean+tight just short of midriff baring top combo go away. Only about 1% of the female population can get away with it, and yet, 90% seem to think it's a pretty good choice for them. Even skinny girls look like they have a spare tire when wearing that outfit. Also, with every woman between the ages of 12-50 wearing the same outfit sometimes I feel confused about who's who.

I would seriously love to see the 50's Stepford Wife poufy skirt/dress+cardigan sweater set combo come back into style. It sort of has been lately and I LOVE IT! It could be because that particular look happens to suit my more voluptuous body type too.

3. I was going to ask what city will win next week's vote on the host of the 2012 Olympics, but everyone knows it's going to be Paris, so I decided to tweak it: What city that you have visited (or lived in) would be a good Olympic host city, and why?

I lived in Korea for the 1988 Olympics but sadly didn't get to go see them because they gave out the tickets to military members in a "lottery" and we didn't win any. Oh well, considering I had to ride my schoolbus through anti-American riots every day, perhaps it was safer that way.

I've been all over the world, and honestly I'm not sure who has hosted the Olympics and who hasn't, so any suggestion I have might be a duplicate.

I really love both Spain and Germany and would happily go anywhere in either of those countries, even to see the dumb Olympics which generally only hold my attention if I'm watching an event that has half-naked men. I don't know, is Anchorage an option? I want to check out this Alaska thing and that would be the perfect opportunity. Ummmmm...I think all of the cities I really love in my heart are far too small to host the Olympics, and something about that makes me kinda happy.

4. Happy Canada Day to our readers in the Great White North! In light of that holiday, and our own upcoming Independence Day, tell us your favorite Independence Day memory. (And yes, those of you in other nations can use whatever national holiday you celebrate.)

The summer before law school I lived with M. for several months in Oklahoma City and we celebrated the Fourth of July that year by getting drunk and lighting off firecrackers. It was really fun and I remember being really happy because she had been out of town a lot of the summer and her boyfriend at the time had been visiting and it was one of the first times we got to hang out alone and talk and just sort be all best-friend-y and whatnot.

I also remember a Fourth of July where Ex#1 and I were still dating and really in love and we walked across the street from my apartment to some tennis courts and sat down and watched the fireworks and it was really quiet and serene and for years afterwards I always thought of that as being one of my favorite memories of "us."

5. The Supreme Court ruled this week on one set of commandments, but we want to hear yours. What are the Ten Commandments of [X]? Pick a topic and reveal its ten most important rules. Phrasings with "shalt" appreciated but not required.

The Ten Commandments of Being My Boyfriend

1. Thou shalt call when thou art going to be late. Always.
2. Thou shalt remember special occasions and purchase appropriate shiny baubles accordingly.
3. Thou shalt think up a creative first date idea that is neither boring nor involves eating at a Chili's.
4. Thou shalt bring me a beer when thou gettest one for thyself.
5. Thou shalt never, ever, ever comment on my weight, except to say how lucky thou art to have a fox like me.
6. Thou shalt be considerate and respectful, even when I'm not looking.
7. Thou shalt not confide our relationship problems to any other woman but me because when thou does that, thou undermineth our relationship and trust.
8. Thou shalt remember small things that I say I like or want and bring them up at appropriate times in an effort to continue thy efforts to wooeth me.
9. Thou shalt not expect me to be anything but the person I am right now and thou shalt endeavour to grow with me into the people we are meant to be.
10. Thou shalt display integrity as a person, allowing me to fully trust in thy word and love.
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