Sunday, July 24, 2005

By the way...

I can't sleep. I know it's only 11pm, but I have to be at work tomorrow at 6:30am to man the registration tables for a conference we're having. And I'll be at work for TWELVE HOURS.

Why oh why did I have THREE 20 oz Diet Cokes today?

Oh yeah, because it's the only thing keeping me away to work on OCI stuff. And, sadly, the only thing keeping me awake now when I NEED to be sleeping.

More Marital Tales from the Darkside are forthcoming...thanks to everyone for reading them and leaving such great comments and sending nice emails, I know they're lengthy but it's a good writing project for me and, actually, it's really helping me process a lot of stuff I haven't thought about in years. Don't know when Part Five will be up...maybe not until after OCI materials get turned in on Wednesday. I have A LOT of cover letters to write.

In the meantime...sleep, sweet sleep, I'm begging you....
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