Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Parable of the Juicy Grape

Since it's Sunday, I thought I would give you guys a parable that explains what I did last night. (**Disclaimer: This parable sucks. Sorry. But, I think you'll get the idea. Also I'm not sure it is a parable. It doesn't really teach a lesson. The lesson is that I can't write a parable, and that I need to quit being crazy.**)

Many times, a person spends their whole life looking for the perfect apple. They want an apple that is perfect looking and sweet and doesn't have any rotten parts or worms that might spoil the experience. The perfect apple search can take years, but when a person finds the perfect apple for them they are content and happy and, even when the apple doesn't look perfect to other people, the person cherishes it all the same, even reveling in small imperfections that give it character and make it all the more sweet.

When the perfect apple journey takes a long time, the person might get hungry and be tempted to eat other types of fruit. Generally this is a mistake, because the other fruit is not as sweet and will make the person feel bad the next day and wish they hadn't eaten it. Plus, the other fruit isn't filling and doesn't last long enough to stave off the hunger for the apple for any significant length of time.

However, sometimes, on the perfect apple journey, a person runs into another piece of fruit that is really beautiful for what it is, like a big, juicy, perfectly round, perfectly sweet, grape. The person knows there is a strong possibility the grape is only perfect on the outside, but they also know they are still searching for their perfect apple and so they walk into the grape experience with their eyes open to the fact that the grape will bring only a short lived respite from their starry eyed apple-rific dreams. So, they take the grape and are happy to have it, even for just a short time, and they try not to think about whether they are happy because their hunger has been quelched, if only for a minute, or because it's such a beautiful grape that everyone else will be jealous and wonder how they managed to get ahold of such a fabulously attractive piece of fruit. In the end, the grape is just what the person needs, if for no other reason than to show them that the search is still worthwhile and that, until they find the perfect apple, there are a few other pieces of fruit that think the person is pretty hot.

(OK, I gave up on that last you know how hard it is to write something like this?? I went with the fruit idea because I had a dream about it, but I am in no way implying that I get hit on by (a) pieces of fruit, or (b) fruity guys...apparently I just have weird dreams or maybe I need to eat more fruit.)

So, other news, I got to hang out last night at my favorite bar with a girl from my school who I just found out is out here for the summer...and I gave her the blog address so she might be reading this right now thinking "What the hell is this stupid story about?" But, we had a great time at the bar (see above) and the fact that there were TWO bachelorette parties going on was awesome -- drama drama drama as far as the eye could see. Drunken girls, people crying in the bathroom, lots of skinny chicks in matching outfits...etc. And a lot of feather boas and tiaras which have apparently become bachelorette party required accessories or something.

I haven't been outside yet today but it looks HOT...I think I might try to go do some touristy stuff, but I also have to work on my resume and cover letters for OCI. BOOOOO!
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