Saturday, July 16, 2005

Drunky McDrunkerson

Last night I drank more than I thought was even humanly possible. I didn't get to eat all day because of a field trip at work, and then my roommate's friends were in town, so I went out with them.

First, we played cards...i.e.: Drinking Games.

Next, we went to the first bar and I drank bunches of shots of something gross, plus several more beers.

Finally, we went to a bar that had a tiny dance floor on the ground floor, where I drank YET MORE mixed drinks AND beers, and danced my very uncoordinated and white ass off.

Why do I ALWAYS think I can dance when I get drunk? Why does everyone think they can dance when they get drunk?

The rest of the night is pretty much a blur, but those are the key highlights. I'm gonna drink a lot of water today and take it MUCH easier tonight. They, being the young and vibrant individuals that they are, have decided to start at 1pm today. Geez.
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