Sunday, July 10, 2005

I could tell you but I'd have to kill you.

Why is Top Ramen so good?

I mean, it's all full of salt and carbo goodness, so I guess that's it...but today I felt increasingly like ass all day (hmmmmm...two days of drinking and little sleep...gee??), and then I went out and took a five mile walk and ate some Top Ramen and now I feel like I could run fifty miles and then climb a million flights of stairs. The energy! The sweet sweet carb-loaded goodness!!

Sundays are so hard. I love work, but right now I have all long term projects and so they're sort of unsatisfying just because I'm not really seeing a lot of results yet. But, I guess eventually I'll start to get there. It would probably help if I quit emailing back and forth with people all day and stayed out of the other interns offices where we all talk about the fact that we feel incompetent (although all signs point to the fact that none of us actually are). Being an intern is weird.

I have a field trip for work tomorrow and another one Friday. Both are totally effing awesome and I almost wish I had a normal non-anonymous blog so that I could talk about stuff (of course, I probably couldn't there I guess it's OK)...just trust me that I'm doing some super cool stuff this week. I totally CANNOT believe it's already the second week of July...where is the summer going? Last summer I basically stewed in my own misery all summer long. I had fun socially but work was the total pits (as my mom is fond of saying). This year, work and social life are great for the most part but the summer is flying by, which makes me feel like I almost can't experience it all.

The only other thing I did this weekend was go buy a whole bunch of new clothes in a NEW LOWER size! Yay! Very excited about this because (a) I feel a lot better and more confident, even though I'm still nowhere near skinny (which is totally fine) and (b) I actually got to buy some new stuff and I felt like I had a valid excuse so I didn't feel too guilty even though I know I should have saved the money, or at least paid my parents back for my rent which they paid this month. Oh well, can't have it all I guess. They're happy that I'm getting back into the habit of taking care of myself and trying to be active, so I think they are actually OK with me spending the money on a few new things to get me through the summer. Thank God for Target and Old Navy when you're in the middle of losing weight and summer clothes for the in-between sizes while you're still trying to work out where you might end up -- THEN buy some nice things.

Anyway, although I can't say where I'll be tomorrow -- you should all be stewing in jealousy because it's totally awesome, and I may not be back blogging until Tuesday night because I have pub quiz tomorrow night.

PS: Around here at pub quiz, people name their teams all these stupid legal names -- like plays on Supreme Court case names and stuff. I desperately want to call my team Will Work For Favorable Dicta, but only a couple people know about the blog so I can't. This brings me great sadness because there's a prize for best name, and not to toot my own horn, but I think I might be able to take it...DAMNIT! Foiled again.

PPS: I just stole one of my roommates Double Stuff Oreos and OHMYGOD, it was so good. God, Oreos and Top Ramen -- I seriously could run a marathon right now. Really. But instead I'm going to curl up in bed with a book and then go to sleep early. Spinning class tomorrow at 7am.
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