Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I don't make things difficult. That's the way they get, all by themselves.

Today I got to search for documents for a discovery request. You know you love your job when you don't even mind doing this, the most menial of all summer intern (and possibly the most menial of all attorney) tasks. Yup, still love it. My boss asks us all the time if we like what we're doing and today I told him flat out that I felt weird always gushing about how much I love it because I think they're going to eventually think I'm a scary stalker or freak or something. He laughed. A little.

I said sometime last week that I've been thinking about lots of stuff to post about, but as yet I just haven't had time. Between work, the gym, keeping up with the laundry obligations (lots of laundry when you only have a couple suitcases of clothes to work from and you wear the same five things over and over), and trying to get organized for OCI and whatnot, I feel pretty busy -- even without TV and other mindless entertainment. Plus, today, the boot heel I got fixed the other day started coming off the boot and the shoe lady who repaired it swears they didn't touch the part that's coming off and she doesn't know how much it will cost to fix, so I spent a half hour arguing with her after work and now I think tomorrow I might just head out and see if I can't find a new pair of boots -- even though I JUST SPENT $22 getting these ones reheeled. Damnit. I swear, it pisses me off.

So, to sum up: great weekend, doing lots 'o' laundry, busy at work, hate the shoe lady, need new boots, gotta find a job. damnit.
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