Friday, July 29, 2005

I'll be honest with you, I was going to try to write Part Eight tonight, but instead I went shopping and bought this fabulous pair of green so-high-they-oughta-be-illegal heels, did laundry, and played five games of "Asshole" with my roommate's friends, I was President once and Asshole like three times. I suck at card games, just in case you were wondering. Also, I'm not drinking tonight so it wasn't as fun as usual, but it was still pretty funny, mostly for everyone else who were laughing at how lame I am. Since I still have numb-hand disease, I can't shuffle either, which adds an extra dose of hilarity for the whole family. Anyway, I think there are, realistically two Parts to the Saga, such as it is, left...and I am going to try to write at least one in the next day or two, with the finale coming either Sunday or Monday, for those of you keeping track. Actually, there might be three Parts because I might do a last "here's my thoughts on writing all this and everything that happened." I'm off to check on my laundry, play some more cards, and get to bed early - gotta hit the gym in the morning because tomorrow night...I DRINK! YAY!
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