Monday, July 18, 2005

Literacola? Do we sell literacola?

So, I have been hellaciously busy. Between work, the drinking, the gym, shopping for new clothes (see: the gym), and getting ready for OCI, my life is a bit of a whirlwind these days. In fact, I have promised myself that I will finish my resume once and for all that's on my agenda, plus I have to try to get my writing sample edited and somehow figure out what places I'm going to apply to (Please please please God, why can't I just have the job I have now??).

Needless to say...blogging may or may not be somewhat sporadic the next week or so until I get all my OCI stuff straightened out and get caught up at work. I've starting writing a couple of longish things, so if I get motivated maybe I'll finish those up and post them.

In other news, it's so damn hot here that I fear I'm going to actually melt at some point. In other other news, the guy I've been seducing in my mind at work is finally coming around. And by "coming around" I mean "made eye contact with me thus playing into my overactive imagination where I picture us naked together in sweet innocent love with each other."
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