Saturday, July 09, 2005

Good karma...

Is there anything better than having a bunch of beer at happy hour, coming home and eating a massive amount of pizza, and then waking up without a hangover? Nope...I don't think so. Well, technically it would be better if I hadn't spent half the night being stupid and hitting on some guy who was clearly not interested, or who, at the very least, was sending mixed signals and being really "woe is me, my life is sad because I just broke up with someone." My only hope is that he was drinking quite a bit too and that he'll wake up this morning thinking he shouldn't have said the stuff he said and have pity on me in the form of not telling any of the people I work with about the whole incident. I think everyone at the bar by the time we got started on the "exchanging romantic history stories" was cool and whatnot, so it should be fine...but I still wonder how I let myself get into these situations. Of course, I know the answer to and a cute boy who is/seems unavailable. I'm such a total sicko.

Anyway, due to my fabulous state of non-hangover-ness, I think I might even get to the gym this morning and then I'm going shoe shopping. YAY! I'll make the requisite promises about no more drinking and no more blabbing my mouth while I'm drinking tomorrow. I'm going out tonight so I don't want to close off my options too early.
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