Monday, July 25, 2005

A tournament, tournament, a tournament of lies.

Raise your hand if you think it is particularly egregious on the part of the TVPNM Career Services Office not to let us, the students, know that the Attorney General's office for our state, also probably the largest employer of TVPNM grads out there, requires not one but TWO separate pieces of information ON TOP of the "all electronic" OCI process.

Yes. An actual letter of reference and a job application for heaven's sake. The job app is in Acrobat, is not fillable, and must be printed, typed, scanned and then uploaded. The letter of reference must be requested, received, scanned, and uploaded.

OCI bidding closes on Wednesday.

Since I do not have a letter of reference handy (because, um, ALL ELECTRONIC OCI ASSHOLES), and I do not have access to a typewriter or a scanner, at least on short notice (though I'm sure I could go to Kinko's or something), I am out of luck.

As are at least a few other people I have talked to who are not IN the TVPNM for the summer.

Ironically, many of the people working outside the TVPNM are probably the people most qualified to work for the AG, after all, many of us are out working in different parts of the country in GOVERNMENT JOBS.

I have no words to express my displeasure. Well, no more words than this. I was definitely planning on submitting an application to the AG, but I guess now I won't. Thanks CSO, once again you've proven that when you're not busy making things difficult for us, you're succeeding in making them impossible.

E. Spat.

PS: If I get one more email signed "You need to come down to our office and talk to us about this in person" I am going to freak out. Seriously. In case you hadn't noticed, I am working in D.C. Yeah, for the federal government. The one in D.C. Thanks.
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