Sunday, July 17, 2005

Finally, I'm a real live adult. Sorta.

Went out with the gang tonight and, although it is 3am, I am mercifully sober after managing to avoid the peer pressure and drink water all night. Thankfully one of my friends came out as well, so I had someone there who I know instead of just the roomie's friends, that made it easier to stay off the booze. And, I've gotta tell ya -- it feels pretty damn good to be going to bed without the spins and knowing that I'll wake up tomorrow able to get something done besides laying in bed, popping aspirin and moaning.

In other news, I saw The Wedding Crashers today and I'm scheduled to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tomorrow -- so, provided I get the resume and cover letters worked on, perhaps a couple of short movie reviews will be forthcoming. Or, you know, maybe not. Who knows?
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