Thursday, April 13, 2006

More job update stuff...

So, today I went down to my old Government Agency job to get my supervisor to sign off on my "she's a good person" form for my bar application. As most regular readers know, I LOVED my job and wanted so badly for them to hire me, and I kept hearing "we're trying, but there's no money." Today, my supervisor tells me "I think we're almost there. I think it might happen really soon." The problem is, the job is in San Francisco (this isn't a problem really, it would just be moving away from here where I've finally started to establish a life with friends and stuff - even though I hate it here sometimes), and of course it's no money because it's a government job. BUT, I know I would love it. Or at least I'm relatively certain. There hasn't been any offer at all, but apparently it's out there as a possibility (maybe even a probability).

We spent some time chit-chatting and catching up, and I asked him off-hand if the job I interviewed for on Tuesday had called him for a reference yet, and he said "No." Then it was awkward because I told him how excited I was, but that I was really torn now that he had told me there might be a potential place for me in the Government Agency. I left, and when I got back to school, I already had an email from him.

The email said that the job here had just called for a reference and said "We're going to hire E. Spat, and we need a reference." Not "we're thinking about it" but "we're going to." This is, of course, great news in many senses. I LOVE this job. I wouldn't have to move. I wouldn't have to go to a firm. But, now that I know there is a potential to go to Government Agency, I'm really torn. I mean, neither one has offered me anything to speak of, but if they were both to offer, I would really be hard pressed to make a decision.

I kind of don't want to move, and I kind of don't want to get stuck in the government (bureaucracy, etc.). BUT, I LOVED my job there, it was fun and interesting, and I got to do lots of cool stuff -- it was probably the closest I would ever get to being a lawyer but maintaining my coolness. :) The job here on the other hand, is here. No moving. And I really think I would like it, BUT I am worried about the money. If they started me at the top end of their scale, it would be workable, but I just don't think I could live at the bottom end. Of course, I can't live on what the Government Agency would pay me in San Francisco either.

You know, a month ago I would have killed to be in this dilemma, but I just don't know what I would do if both of these actually came through. Right now it's a bit of non-issue since nobody has done anything even remotely formal to my face that would indicate they are (a) willing to give me a job, and (b) willing to pay me enough to do it so that I can live and pay my student loans.

Guess we'll see what happens, but this is an interesting, if unforeseen, development.
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