Friday, April 07, 2006

File Under "N" for NOT USEFUL AT ALL

Career Services sent us an email today inviting students to a law firm reception.

This is not unusual in most schools I know, but here, it is.

A) We have had MAYBE two law firm receptions in the three years I've been here that have been open to all students. Normally if they have one it's only for one special class of student and 90% of the student body (or more) is shut out due to not being a part of whatever the special class is.

B) This city has MANY big law firms, and still, only two receptions in three years. Maybe. We are a first tier law school, the only one in a 5-state radius, and we still (apparently) can't get firms in here to recruit directly or even host informational receptions/meet-and-greets.

C) The law firm reception that was being advertised to us today is in Florida. Yes. You heard me right, Florida. In other words, to attend it, one must GO TO EFFING FLORIDA. While it would be nice to have the resources to jet off to Miami for a law firm reception, perhaps we could start with having one...say...HERE!?

D) As always, I continue to be perplexed, befuddled, bewildered, and flabbergasted at the complete inability of our Career Services Office to actually help us.

I have to say, they are getting better...sort of. And they are always nice to me, and they try to be helpful, but I think the example above perfectly illustrates my frustrations. Don't give me resources I absolutely can't use, or that are only helpful for 3 people. Give me something that will help ME to find a job that I will, if not love, be able to tolerate without climbing up on a bell tower somewhere. OK?
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