Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Math sux. And I want information.

Tax grades are up. Suffice it to say I followed my usual pattern of doing horribly in classes that are 5 credit hours. Awesome. The good news is that I'm finding it difficult to care very much at this point.

In other news, I am becoming more and more convinced that I would like to seek out alternative career paths to just being a conventional lawyer. Does anyone have any good ideas/resources/links? I mean, if you know someone or are someone who is using your law degree in a way that is even slightly off the beaten path, let me know, even if it's just a short comment. The job I'm interviewing for next week is (sorta) in the insurance industry (but a very specialized portion), and I've also applied for a job running a program for the city that takes into account my specialized knowledge in a couple of areas related to my military/federal agency experience. I'm open to suggestion!
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