Friday, April 14, 2006

Why am I up?

For the first time in three years I literally have almost nothing to worry about, or at least nothing huge, and I CANNOT sleep. What the hell??

I'm laying on the couch hoping sleep will come. I'm so tired!

I do need to write my boss (the solo practitioner I've been contracting for) and tell him I'm quitting -- I feel so bad that I've only been working for two weeks, but oh well. I have a friend that is interested in the job and is much more qualified than me, so maybe that will work out. Either way, the Permanent Job wants me to start in a week part-time until graduation, and they're paying more, so that's a fairly easy decision.

I'm writing up a little post about what I'll be doing in my new job because I noticed a lot of people commented they wanted to know, I'll try to post that later. Right now, back to sleep. I hope.
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