Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekly Law School Roundup #14

(Wasting Time) That guy. The guy with a question right after the professor says she's letting you all out early...God I hate that guy.

(Asian Provocateur) AP informs us that the First Comprehensive Conference on Blog Law & Blogging for Lawyers will be later this month in San Francisco. Cool.

(By The Seat Of My Skirt) I don't have a pithy comment for this -- but I had trouble sleeping this week and I looked EXACTLY the same way!

(Moonlighting in Misery) The person being described clearly went to the Energy Spatula School of Conducting Voir Dire.

(Naked Drinking Coffee) First off, I'm SUPER happy that NDC is posting a little more regularly, cuz I loves that guy. Second, I am so jealous of his drawing -- how come I never get cool drawings from my throngs of adoring fans? Note to self: somehow secure throngs of adoring fans. Who draw. (PS: As I was writing this the song "I'm In Love With A Stripper" came on...coincidence? I seriously doubt it.)

(Negligent Use of a Dangerous Mind) A wordy plea to be more concise.

(Tortcaesar) RUN future 1L's...while you still can!

(Mother In Law) Unless you're a parent heading to law school...then read this post with tons of great advice!

(Malice Aforethought) The Farter. Whoa.

Check out Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground for the Roundup next week.
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