Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The floor is still yours.

I am SO BUSY. Therefore, I'll just continue to leave the floor open to your comments and suggestions about non-traditional legal jobs. Between 500-700 people read this blog Every. Damn. Day. That means there are tons of people who have (or know someone who has) a job that is either totally non-legal, only tangentially legal, quasi-legal, or uses a law degree in some new and unusual way. I want to know...I really, really do. The comments that were left on the post below this have been read, and in some cases investigated, already. The number one problem in finding a non-traditional job is figuring out "What can I do? Where should I apply? What types of places would want someone with my skills/education/etc.?" And just think, after my tax grade, you're actually doing a public service by keeping me away from the legal-service-seeking public.
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