Friday, April 14, 2006

More about the job.

Some people requested more information about the job. Since I'm NOT going to be a lawyer, I guess it's OK if I post a bit more information about the job.

I am going to be a Maritime Insurance Adjuster. I'm assuming most of you know what an insurance adjuster does, and I'll be doing that, only for maritime accidents. So, I get to do lots of cool stuff having to do with maritime issues and investigations, and deal with lots of cool people (and probably some that will not be so cool), and hopefully do a lot of traveling between here and Alaska to talk to clients and look at maritime accident sites and what have you. I LOVED Admiralty Law, and I really enjoy dealing with people and talking to them and hearing their stories. The people at the company are super nice and awesome, and the money is adequate, if not perfect. I'll be working right on the water here, across from the Fisherman's Terminal (which is where all of our clients are), and I'll also get to do a lot of industry stuff here in town...this is (obviously) a HUGE maritime that's good too.

I really think this job is a good blend of my personality, my skills and abilities and experience, and will allow me to use my legal education without actually having to BE a lawyer, which I'm totally alright with. So, anyway, that's kind of the basics of what I'm going to be doing.

The owner of the company is a lawyer, as is her husband. So, I will be taking the bar, and she'll be giving me time off to do that. I'll start working in two weeks, part-time until graduation, then taking time off through the bar, then full-time in mid-August probably. The owner is VERY into having a lawyer work there, and I'm into getting to deal with all the admiralty lawyers in town - if I DO decide to be a "real" lawyer one day, I think that is the area I'd like to go into - so that should be somewhat helpful. Maybe.

At any rate, I'm happy with my decision to pursue a non-traditional job, and I feel a great sense of relief at not having to go work in a firm or whatever...I can't deal with that right now. As it stands, I'm waiting for my formal written offer so that I can finalize all this stuff and be really secure in it. Ever the pessimist, I'm still kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop...sigh.
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