Wednesday, October 26, 2005

You know who you look like? That one girl. From the show. With the kids.

So, I am often told (and by often I mean, more than one or twice a month) that I look like Neve Campbell (especially when I'm in a thinner stage). This is kinda weird, but you know, at least she's attractive. Frankly, I'm not sure I see the resemblance, but I get it often enough that there must be something there because it happens enough that I don't think it's totally random. Anyway, tonight I went to happy hour with a bunch of friends from work (and LQ) and the bartender was like..."You know, you look like someone famous...I can't think of the name...but, you know, she was on that show...the one with the kids and their parents died...uh..." So, I help him out and go "Neve Campbell??" and he's like "YES!" After that he spent the rest of the night trying to pick me up and then he gave us a free round of shots and charged off a couple rounds of $10 martinis for the entire group for $20 total. So, you know, whatever. He can have his obsession as long as I make out like a bandit. Also, he asked if I was wearing false eyelashes and I go "No, why?" He's like "Your eyelashes are just really long, they have to be fake!" So, again I go "Nope!" And he goes "Well, close your eyes and let me see." When I did, he kissed me! Right on the cheek! It was actually pretty smooth, in a creepy way. But, again, lots of free drinks.
On another note, the interview was...uh...well...hmmmm. We'll talk about it when if I get rejected. For some reason, every time I pay to come cross country (or cross West Coast) to an interview, it doesn't go as well as I would hope. It's like they knew I spent money. Anyway, I am still very interested in the job, but I think I could've done better in the interview. We'll see. If not I guess I still have my career impersonating Neve Campbell...except for the Wild Things years, I'm not sure I could do that justice.

Also, by the way, if someone tells you they are having a Horse Show at the Convention Center it's probably best not to scream out "WHORE SHOW? WHAT THE HELL IS A WHORE SHOW?? SOUNDS GOOD THOUGH, LET'S GO!!!" It's funny, but I'm not sure it's helping me get a job.
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