Sunday, October 02, 2005

Seriously though...

Why does the federal government have to make it so hard to apply for a job with them? I mean, why can't I just submit my resume and a cover letter and be done with it?

I got up early this morning because I have A LOT to do today and have been very productive already even though it is only 10:26am. Unfortunately I don't think I am motivated enough to head down to the school to study which is probably the one thing I really ought to do. I'm sitting here in my pajamas with all the creature comforts of home trying to convince myself that I'm disciplined enough to get all this stuff done without heading all the way to the library. It's cold and raining and I don't want to get on a bus to go to the school. I think I'll go to the store and get some groceries and then settle in and just try to get something done here. Surely I can be disciplined enough to make that happen, right? Well...don't hold your breath and I won't either.
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