Sunday, October 02, 2005

Send pics. Not THOSE kind...sheesh.

M. reported to me that she and K. got their mugs and that they were pretty cool. If anyone has gotten their mug and wants to send me a pic of it, I would love to see them. Extra bonus points if they contain adult beverages rather than coffee, but I'll accept anything you send my way! :)

As I just commented over at Law and Alcoholism, I'm still considering creating my ultimate blog merchandise dream, a "What Would Karl Llewellyn Do?" t-shirt. We'll see if that ever comes to fruition. I know it's probably only funny to like the 3 people from my 1L Contracts class who read this, but still, it always cracks me up. Professors who are obsessed with legal luminaries are funny. She even had a Karl Llewellyn hand-puppet. No really.

PS: If anyone knows of an EASY way to convert a .wav to an MP3 (or some other format that will make the infamous Evidence Song file small enough to email), I'd appreciate any advice. Right now it's 13.8MB and gmail will only accept attachments that are less than 10.
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