Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I am woman, hear me write memos!

Today was my first day back at work since I turned in the 18-page Memo of Doom, and this is how it went:

Boss: "Well, I read your memo"

Me: "Uh-huh"

Boss: "You covered the issues adequately. I had a question about XYZ and I'd like you to look into that more for me."

Me: "Uh-huh"

Boss: "Also, I want you to start working on this other thing and then find out about this...uh...hey, I guess I should tell you, your memo was really excellent! It was awesome! I'm sorry...I'm not used to giving feedback, but I've been on the other side of the desk and I want you to know you did a good job. Sorry about, after you do the one thing...."


AND, I used the knowledge from my memo to solve an issue today, AND, I found a case directly on point to a question my boss asked me to figure out in less than 10 minutes. YES! *does Tom Cruise couch jumping routine and pumps arm in celebration of legal victory*

On a totally different subject, as I mentioned a few days ago, my grandpa has been asked by the DMV has decided on his own to give up his car, and I have asked my parents to ask him if he'll let me have it on a "I'll pay you for it when I get a job" basis. It would be really handy to have a car again...although I have one that I drive quite a bit, but this one could go with me to a new job (should I ever get hired). So, cross your fingers...I kinda doubt it will work, we're not really a "give your grandkid a car" kind of family, but hey, stranger things have happened.
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