Friday, October 07, 2005

Look, let someone else support Old Navy for awhile!

I just want to make sure that everyone knows that it's absolutely not OK to be wearing three articles of clothing made of fleece at the same time. I know this is the TVPNM and so there is this sort wear fleece head to toe. But, well...NO! Just no. Please.

Today I:

Turned in an 18 page memo to my boss that will probably cause him to want to strangle me...I'm not sure I was even coherent there at the end.

Had an interview that can only be described as...well...ummmmmmmm...not good. I won't go into details but it was just not good.

Drank beer. Yum. Beer.

Was forced to wear a suit to an interview (see above) that absolutely did not fit. As my friend E. says, having your clothes be too big is a "high-class problem," but still, I didn't have time to buy a new suit and I ended up looking (and feeling) like I was wearing clown pants.

Am going to bed early so that I can get up tomorrow and be productive. So. Far. Behind. In. School.

P.S. When is "How do you feel about your citation skills?" ever a good interview question? I try very very very hard not to put any thought at all into my citation skills, but thanks for asking. I'm pretty busy thinking about important stuff. Like beer. And boys. And global warming. And, uh, glitter lipgloss. No room for the Bluebook -- sorry dude!
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