Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Note to self: No more inappropriate titles.

I'm alive. I did not get burned out of my apartment -- sadly, I think my apartment could use a good cleansing fire, but oh well.

Here's the thing. My new boss actually expects me to produce work. As in written product that he can read and understand. This is very stressful to me because, due to my total inability to organize my research and articulate my thoughts coherently, I am very afraid of turning in something that will make him cringe and tell all the people who could potentially hire me someday that I am a worthless imbecile with a cursory knowledge of the law and an almost addictive need to waste time. Anyway, Memo#1 is due on Friday before he leaves for the day so he can read it over the weekend. The issue is hugely complicated and I'm really struggling, but I have this plan for how I'm going to dedicate my afternoon tomorrow to getting it done. So, that's where I'll be if you don't hear from me. Executing the plan. And snacking.

Also, I have an interview on Friday directly before Memo#1 has be turned in. Geez.
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