Saturday, October 22, 2005

Finally, I have a motto!

Conversation I had this weekend:

My friend's boyfriend told us this story about a girl he had as a roommate when he lived in Scotland and how these two guys at a bar got into a fistfight over her.

Boyfriend: "So, what do women even think when two guys get into a fistfight at a bar over them?"

Friend: "Oh God, if you ever got into a fight over me I'd punch you right in the face myself!"

Me: "I think it's hot, if you got into a fight over me I'd have sex with you."

Boyfriend: "See honey, see how cool E. Spat is? She'd have sex with me and you'd punch me!"

Me: "Well, I mean, I wouldn't have sex with YOU because you're her boyfriend, but if you were a theoretical boy who wasn't dating one of my best friends...then...maybe."

Boyfriend: "You know what you are E. Spat? All stick and no carrot."
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