Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What. The. Hell.

So, I decided to go to the mall on my way home today to look at some things in Macy's...seeing as how most of my clothes are three sizes too big now. Anyway, I got off the bus at the mall and walked up to one of the doors, where there was another lady trying to get in the same door. Because I'm a nice person I held the door for her and because she's a heinous bitch she tried to go between my arm and the door and ended up slamming it on my arm. The worst part of this is that, in the process of trying to kill me, this whore caused me to scramble to not be run over by her and I caught my watch on the door handle thing and ripped it off my arm. My $300 watch. The only thing that I own that I actually take care of and love. I've had it for five years...it was my present to myself for making first lieutenant in the Air Force - got a big pay raise and wanted to spend some of it. So, anyway...she just keeps walking, and I *KNOW* she saw my watch fly off and land on the floor.

But, this story has a happy ending (and not in a disgusting way...you perverts).

I walked into the mall and stopped at the first jewelry store I saw to ask if they knew where there might be a little watch repair place. The guy, whose name was Matthew, was just sitting there doing nothing and he totally fixed my watch...for FREE...while I waited. It was so awesome! I told him that he totally restored my faith in humanity, and I meant it. Between the kindness of strangers and the whole "getting ogled" thing, I feel like I'm having the best day ever. But, I still hope that hooker that broke my watch gets a horrible rash.
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