Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Who says Evidence isn't HOTT?

Thanks to AmbImb AGAIN, you are all invited to listen to the slightly racy song about Evidence written and performed by one of my classmates, John, during Evidence last year (well, technically he recorded this recently for me to post here, but he performed it live in class last year). Yes, it took me 6 months to get ahold of it and get it posted, but, you know...I persevered because it's so awesome.

(As an aside, you'll remember that for our Evidence class we got some participation points for doing something "creative" related to Evidence...this song and the video I link to below are two that really struck me as extra-special fabulous created by my super-ultra-talented classmates who are kind enough to let me post their work in my little corner of the blogosphere.)

Listen and learn people, listen and learn.

PS: The harmonica parts are performed by another friend of mine, Nikolai. You can see his artwork at the picture link under the "News and Stuff" header to the right, directly underneath "Blogs I Read."

PPS: You can still see the Evidence video I posted last year here.

PPPS: Once again, I'll reiterate that for Evidence credit I wrote a fairly crappy poem. Because, unlike my classmates, I'm not creatively talented like that.
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